mercoledì 31 dicembre 2014

Birthday Fairy Part 3 and Micro Fairy

Here it is the last part of the polymer clay birthday Fairy video tutorial and... the last day of the year too! :) 
In this part we'll give the fairy a body, a dress, hair and cupcake ^^ 

In these days I'm sculpting a new Micro Fairy with a Robin Friend, here a pic of the work in progress: 

polymer clay Fairy and Robin - work in progress by Celidonia

They'll be born soon! We wish a Fairy and Happy New Year to you all! :) 

domenica 28 dicembre 2014

Goddess Sekhmet Sculpture - An Unusual Commission

Gosh! What do the Goddess Sekhmet doing among Celidonia's Rabbits, Mice and Fairies? :O 
She is an unusual commission that I worked these days :) 

Goddess Sekhmet Sculpture in Polymer Clay - by Celidonia Daniela Messina

Goddess Sekhmet is an Egyptian Warrior Goddess and she has the sun disk in her head. An Egyptian myth says that the Sun is inside the Goddess when it's night and it says that you can see the Sun light reflected in her eyes. 

Goddess Sekhmet Sculpture in Polymer Clay - ooak doll by Daniela Messina

Sekhmet is a solar deities. Even though I didn't it on purpose, my ooak sculpture in polymer clay dedicated to her is born just after the Winter Solstice, when the light is born again. I think it's a good time to be born for a Goddess that has the solar disk as a crown :) 

martedì 23 dicembre 2014

Birthday Fairy - Polymer Clay Tutorial (Part 2)

The part 2 of the Birthday Fairy video tutorial is up on my YouTube! :) In this part we'll see how to sculpt the limbs. We'll sculpt the arms and hands, the legs and feet. So, the Fairy will have almost a body! ^^  I share the video here, too :) The third part will be up next Monday! :)

martedì 16 dicembre 2014

Birthday Fairy - Polymer Clay Tutorial (Part 1)

Here I am with a new video tutorial. When I started working on it, I was too much optimistic: I'd like to sculpt from polymer clay a Birthday Fairy, I thought, as the video upload was exaclty for my birthday day ^^

Birthday Fairy - Polymer Clay Tutorial by Celidonia
Hi! I'm a Birthday Fairy and I'm made from Polymer Clay, like my cupcake! Would you like celebrating together with me? :) 
But I got carriet away by the project, so it become very very long. Over 200 clips, two shoot days and other two days to editing the first part. It needed to be splitted in three parts, with weekly schedule. In this first we'll see the head sculpting. In the next we'll see how to sculpt the hands, the arms, the feet and the legs. In the third we'll see how to make the cupcake, the dress and the hair :)

Fairy head, arms and legs are sculpted from Super Sculpey Living Doll, in the light color. Eyes are made from Fimo and resin, but I don't explain the doll eyes making in this tutorial. I made myself eyes for my dolls, but they are available online in many dollmaking shop. There are many tutorials that explain how make them, too. Do you like to see a Celidonia Studio tutorial on the topic? Please, write me in the comments. If I have are requests, I'll put it in my tutorials list :)

Here it is the first part. You can see it here in the blog, or in my YouTube channel. Subscribe to don't lose the next! :)

martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Christmas Rose Jewel - Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hellebore, also known as Winter Rose, Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, blooms in December, near Winter Solstice. In this new video tutorial we'll sculpt it from polymer clay, to wear it as a Fairy Jewel in the Christmas Night :) 
Christmas Rose Jewel - Polymer Clay Tutorial By Celidonia

I used a mix of Cernit White Porcelain and White Fimo Professional to sculpt the petals. To color them, I used mica powder pink, light green and dark green. I sculpted pistils from White Porcelain Cernit and I color them with chalk pastels yellow and light green.

In ancient times, people believe that Hellebore cured madness. I think it's good to sculpt it in these pre Christmas made days! :) 

martedì 25 novembre 2014

The Fairy in The Leaf - A Polymer Clay Fairytale

Do you know why do leaves curl in Autumn? To protect the little Fairies who didn't realize that cold Winter is coming!  They become a quilt for them :) 

Baby Fairy in the Leaf - ooak fairy by Celidonia - Daniela Messina

The Fairies, rock by the winter, fall asleep. Their wings become little and a green grass grow up. In its sap Children's Summer dreams flow. So, the little fairies'll go in the Undergound with their Summer Sisters, until next Spring, when between the grass will bloom a Flower.

Baby Fairy in the Leaf - ooak fairy by Celidonia - Daniela Messina
I find one of them while I walking in the park. She was going with her sisters underground, but she'd like be here in the Human Word too. So, a little bit of her spirit went in a little polymer clay ball and a Baby Fairy just like her is born :) 

Baby Fairy in the Leaf - ooak fairy by Celidonia - Daniela Messina

The little Fairy joined with her sisters now, in the underground, but a little bit of her will be here, in the Human World, in this Winter and Winters that will be :)

lunedì 17 novembre 2014

Miniature Cat in 1/12 Scale - Polymer Clay Tutorial

In the Celidonia's World, Rabbits and Mice are a little bit worried, because in this video tutorial we'll create... a Cat! 
In 1/12 scale and sculpted from polymer clay, of course! :) 

Miniature Cat in 1/12 Scale from Polymer Clay - Tutorial by Celidonia

I hope you'll create a lot of little brothers of him, and I hope they'll purr on the couch of yours dollhouses or roomboxes... I'd like to see some photos! :) 

You can see the video tutorial here on the blog or on Celidonia Studio Channel on YouTube. If you have some questions or requests, just write me a comment. I'll be glad to answer you :) 

I'm already working at the next video tutorial and I'll share it between two weeks. Subscribe on the channel to be the first to see it! :) 

lunedì 10 novembre 2014

Walnut Elf -Mini Sculpture in Polymer Clay

My first Walnut Elf was born in 2009. Maybe someone who followeed Fairydoor's blog some years ago remembers that little one. Ever since, many Walnut Elves was born. This is a new little one, born in these days :) 

Walnut Elf - Mini sculpture in Polymer Clay by Celidonia

 Fairies and Elves love nutshell and hazelnut shell.  They are comfortable nests from which go out to see the world.

Walnut Elf - Mini sculpture in Polymer Clay by Celidonia

You can find this little one on the Celidonia's Etsy Shop. He is waiting for a mom :) 

Walnut Elf - Mini sculpture in Polymer Clay by Celidonia

lunedì 3 novembre 2014

Fairy Leaf Jewel - Polymer Clay Video Tutorial

Fairy Leaf Jewel in Polymer Clay - Tutorial by Celidonia

A new video tutorial, how to sculpt a Fairy Leaf in polymer clay! It's a Plane Tree Leaf :)
Not all leaves are the same. Someone is so beautiful that receive a Fairy kiss. So, a magic fairy face is born on them. Would you sculpt it with me? :)

 As polymer clay, I used Fimo Soft Gold Metal n. 11 and Fimo Soft Black n. 9. But it's a personal choice, there aren't a clay better than other. Choose your favorite. I colored the leaf with mica powder, but eye shadows are ok too. I made three bakings, the first for the leaf, the second for the face and the last for the metal wire. You can see the video here or on Celidonia Studio YouTube Channel. I hope you'll enjoy! :)

lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

Bat Fairy - Halloween Video Tutorial

Fairy too dresses up for Halloween! This little one wanted a bat-dress. Would you help me to give life to many her little sisters? So all together will go door-to-door saying "Trick or Treat?" :)

Bat Fairy - Tutorial by Daniela Messina - Celidonia

Imovie tricks me, because in the final video is a ground noise that it isn't in the original project. But only for a few minutes, in the first part of the video. It was the second time. I'm sorry, but unfortunately this time  I can't making again the full project. I hope it will work well for the next!
To sculpt the Little Fairy, I used Fimo Professional art doll n. 435 - cameo. To sculpt the little dress, the hat and the bat-wings, I used Fimo Soft. But you can use each polymer clay brand. Which is your favourite?

You can see the video tutorial here or on my Celidonia Studio YouTube Channel. It is in HD, like my previous video tutorials, so you can see it full screen. If you like my video tutorials, please, support the channel subscribing, commenting, like and share. Thanks! :)

I'd like to see yours Bat-Fairies! If you publish them, please, write me the link here as a comment. Thanks! :)

mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

Bat Sculptural Jewelry in Polymer Clay

After my Bat in 1/1 Scale with his Fairy Friend, is born a new little one, very, tiny: a sculptural jewel bat in 1/12 scale! :) 
It is sculpted from Fimo and it's coloured with Genesis burnt amber colour. He is a Totem-Bat, and he'll follow his human friend, flying up her shoulder and whispering in her ear magical words! 

It was hard to sculpt each little parts, and I'm sorry that they are not well visible in the photos. Miniature and black, together, are difficult to take! But I hope you can see some of them :) 
Halloween is almost here, so... the little Bat and me hurry to make preparations to give him welcome! 
See you soon! :) 

lunedì 6 ottobre 2014

Fairy Rabbit Miniature - Polymer Clay Video Tutorial

Fairy Rabbit Miniature - Polymer Clay Video Tutorial

My new video is about my best-loved pet, the magical rabbit. I believe that the first requisite to sculpt isn't technical competences - that are important too - but love. This video is born from my love to this great creatures.

The polymer clay brand that I used for this project is Fimo Soft, but all polymer clay is good, so look for your favourite. You can see the video here in the blog or on Celidonia Studio Channel on YouTube :)

lunedì 22 settembre 2014

Autumn Fairy - Polymer Clay Tutorial

My last polymer clay video tutorial: how to sculpt a little Autumn Fairy! :) 

Autumn Fairy in Polymer Clay Tutorial

She is a very simple Fairy, because the face is stylized and the body is covered by the leaf, just the little hand is visible. The Ladybug is a simple shape to sculpt, and the leaves are easy to do :)
I usedo Fimo Professional Doll Art to sculpt the face, hand and body, Fimo Soft to sculpt Ladybug, leaves, eyelashes, eyebrows, and Fimo Effect to sculpt the hair.
I hope you 'll enjoy making a lot of Autumn Fairy's Sisters!

You can se the video tutorial here in the blog or on youtube on Celidonia Studio's Channel.

Have a Fairy Autumn! Thanks in advance for subscriptions, sharing and comments! :)

lunedì 15 settembre 2014

Mouse Miniature OOAK - Pancakes Dance

Miniature Mouse Dancing on Pancakes sculpted from polymer clay

My last Mini-sculpture in 1/12 scale, I finally sculpted a new Little Mouse from polymer clay! ;) And... what happens when a cheerful mouse sights a plate of pancakes? He makes a the pancakes dance, of course! ;) 

I spent three days to sculpt and paint this work, because it needed many baking, the use of microscope and the loss of many diopter of my poor eyes!
I'm sorry that my digital camera doesn't took particulars very well... Do you see that he has maple syrup in his mouth? And the fingers in his hands and in his feet? I hope you can see, and I hope you'll dance cheerfully with him :)
You'll find the pancakes dance mouse in my etsy shop.

martedì 9 settembre 2014

Flower Fairy - Video Tutorial

How to sculpt a simple fairy in polymer clay. I created this fairy in 2000, then they became a basic course to approach the fairy sculpting, in my teaching method. You can read her story in my Italian blog (only in Italian, I'm sorry).  
Flower Fairy by Celidonia
In this video I show how to sculpt this simple Fairy, it's in Italian, but I hope it doesn't need too much words :) 

Follow us on youtube on Celidonia Studio Channel to see our  next fairy tutorials! :) 

venerdì 29 agosto 2014

How is a Fairy Born - Cap. 6

Here is the new and the last video for the birth of a baby fairy ooak in polymer clay. Now the little fairy is softly blushed with genesis artist colors and she has hair in viscose, eyelashes, tiny nails, wings in polymer clay and a little dress.

While I was put on the wings at my little newborn fairy, an old butterfly visited my wax plant. I read here that in the language of flowers, hoya (wax plant) means just "sculpture". For an old butterfly, there is a newborn fairy. Maybe butterfly become fairy, in a last metamorphosis. It is sweet to think. 

Fairy ooak and real butterfly

As always, you can see the video in a more high resolution on Celidonia's Channel on youtube or you can see it directly here in the blog :) 

ooak baby fairy by celiodonia

venerdì 22 agosto 2014

How is a Fairy Born - Cap. 5

There we are at the penultimate episode of the making of a baby fairy in polymer clay. In this fifth episode we'll see how are born the neck and the ears.

Like for legs sculpting, I used Fimo Liquid to join the neck and ears sculpted from raw Living Doll  to the body, that it is baked. 

As always, you can see the video in a more high resolution going on Celidonia's Channel on youtube or you can see it directly here in the blog :) 

martedì 12 agosto 2014

Test - What Celidonia's Creature are you?

Rabbits, Robins, Mice, Fairies and other Celidonia's creatures

Rabbits, Mice, Robins, Baby Fairies, Fairies, Girls, Micro Fairies, Walnut Elf or Fairy Jewels... which of them represent you? We created a funny test, with nine fairy profiles, to celebrate mid-August holiday! :)
You can read the profiles here, but it's only in Italian... I'm so sorry I'm not able to fully translate it in English!

venerdì 8 agosto 2014

How is a Fairy Born - Cap. 4

Here it is a new video relating to the birth of a Fairy sculpted in polymer clay. In this video we'll see how arms and hands are born from our usual little ball of clay.

Like for legs and feet sculpting, I used Fimo Liquid to join the arms sculpted from raw Super Sculpey Living Doll  to the chest, that it is baked. 

You can see the video in a more high resolution going on Celidonia's Channel on youtube or you can see it directly here in the blog :) 

venerdì 1 agosto 2014

How is a Fairy Born - cap. 3

Here we are at the third video about the Baby Fairy Birth. In this video we'll see how to sculpt the legs in polymer clay. Rather, we'll see a fairytale about the birth of the fairy legs :)

I used Fimo Liquid to join raw Living Doll to baked Living Doll. But any liquid polymer clay is ok. Or, as an alternative, you can use a small amount of vinyl glue. 

With legs you can dance. So, I leave you with the fairy waltz that plays in the video. You can see the video in a more high resolution going on Celidonia's Channel on youtube or you can see it, smaller, directly here in the blog :) 

venerdì 25 luglio 2014

How is a Fairy Born - Cap. 2

In this new video we'll see how the fairy chest is born. Modeling the chest with attention is important because it is like the center of a star, from which face and limbs are born. It contains the heart. Sculpting the navel with attention is very important too, it remembers us our come in this world and it is the midpoint of the circle in which Leonardo inscribed his vitruvian man.

As I said in the last post, this Baby Fairy is sculpted from polymer clay Super Sculpey Living Doll.

You can see the video on Celidonia Studio's youtube channel or here on the blog.

At the end I inserted a wire to join head and chest in a polymer clay body, but... does anyone know how to join head and chest in a flesh and blood body? There is anywhere a tutorial? :)

giovedì 17 luglio 2014

How is a Fairy Born

Here is the Celidonia's second video on youtube! I show the Fairy making off. In this first step we'll see how to create a Fairy face in polymer clay - I used Living Doll by Sculpey (I'm loving this brand).
Since a Fairy Birth is a fairytale, my video is... a fairytale tutorial! :)

Music Credits: Fairytale Waltz" Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

venerdì 11 luglio 2014

Traditional Clay vs Polymer Clay

sculpture in traditional clay and in polymer clay
Every material we can mould allows our imaginative figures to become a concrete reality. From sand to marble, going through, clay, polymer clay, papier-maché, until bread paste, every of them give us a possibility to share our interior world's inhabitants with others.

In the collage above, the figures on the right are in polymer clay, one right down, made in Cernit, is about twelve years ago and became Celidonia Fairy, for my first exposition a Canneto dull'Oglio Museum.  In the upper right corner, there is the most recent Maple Fairy, made in Prosculpt.
The two figures on the left are made in traditional clay and they are the work of my last year, in which I attended a school of sculpture to increase my knowledge in traditional clay modeling.
At the bottom is my first work, a study of female nude, above there is my last work, a portrait studio, in which maybe someone will recognize my mom.

Traditional clay and polymer clay are different like Sun and Moon. I wrote about their property and my experience with them in my Italian post. I'm sorry I'm not able to translate the full post in English. 

venerdì 4 luglio 2014

Celidonia's Fairies have a youtube channel

Finally, we created the Celidonia's youtube channel and I hope I'll post tutorials and fairy videos soon. Little Rabbit, Mice, and Fairies are so trilled, because they was stars for a minute, taking part in the Celidonia's presentation video! :)

venerdì 27 giugno 2014

An Italian Blog and an English Blog for Celidonia

flag-bearer mice, miniature by Celidonia
From now on, Celidonia's blog has an English Twin, this blog!
I realized that two language together, alternate in the same post, confuse both reading and Google search. So the flag-bearer mice helped me to create:


the english version of the Celidonia's virtual studio. 
To read the Italian version, just click on the Mouse with Flag top right and him will lead you! :)

Italian posts will be longer again, like on Fairydoor (the first Celidonia's blog, for who remember or read it many years ago). Alas, the English version will remain short, I apologize in advance for it. I'm not able to write long periods in this language, and Google translator will be better than me. I hope that - in the images' universal language - my Mice, Rabbits and Fairies will be able to tell you what I'm not able to say in words. Would you come with us toward this new adventure? 

martedì 24 giugno 2014

Celidonia Fairy Interview

Celidonia Fairy Interview

It has been an honour to be interviewed by Movimento Psicoespressivo.
Movimento Psicoespressivo (in english Psychoexpressive Movement) is an association that covers psychology connected with actions, in a particular point of view connected with arts and individual creativity.
You can read my interview here (it is only in Italian, I'm sorry).

Have a Fairy Summer Solstice and a Magic St. John's Day! :)

martedì 3 giugno 2014

IF - Temptation

Illustration Friday week's topic is "Temptation". A Little Mouse of mine would be present with his personal point of view! 

It isn't a drawing, but a real photo of my ooak miniature sculpture. I just added the words that the Little Mouse told me.  And you, what is your point of view about Temptations? Are you agree with him? :)

venerdì 23 maggio 2014

IF - Universe

A little sketch that I found this morning, during the endless spring cleaning, called to my mind the Illustration Friday week's topic: Universe.

So I quickly inked and colored it and... here it is :) 
No many words... just to say that we often search the Universe outside, forgetting that it is actually inside every one of us. 

Pink Dream Baby Fairy Workshop

This little Baby Fairy will born next June at "Il Giardino Interiore" association - A wonderful name as a Fairy's place of birth, it isn't? Please, email me if you like to attend the fairy course.

domenica 18 maggio 2014

Fairy Reorganization Time

I'm sorry for the silence of the last weeks, it was because of the our spring-cleaning. Fairies and me started to put in order the study and... we are still reorganization that! Fairies are tiny, and I really don't know how so little creatures can take up so much space. It's difficult to put everything in order, because my lab is very small too, but we don't despair... we have the Fairy Powder, after all! :) 

In the meanwhile, the new little Baby Fairy had not one but two Fairy Dresses, but she didn't like neither! I created for her a display, too, and she loves too much staying seated on it. I hope I'll post new photos soon, but honestly I don't know how long our spring cleaning will take. Would you help us? :)

lunedì 7 aprile 2014

A New Little Baby Fairy

Do you remember the Little Fairy under the microscope of my last post? She's born! 

OOAK Baby Fairy sculpted in Polymer Clay

I used the microscope to insert eyelashes and to paint the micro-nails, it was a tough but wonderful work. The micro-movement of the hand, that you can't see with the naked eye, you can see under the microscope! So it needs the utmost concentration and a different spatial perception, I'll needs many time to learn well.

Miniature Baby Fairy by Celidonia

But, after all, a different Space and Time perception is just a Fairy Thing... don't you think? :)
Now I'm working at her little dress and at her display. What Magic Spell is she doing? I'll tell you in the next post!

giovedì 3 aprile 2014

Fairies Under the Microscope

Sometimes, paths taken in life unexpectedly joins, so in these days of Spring my old scientific study met my artistic study... putting Fairies under the microscope!  

This stereoscopic microscope of E.D. Elettronica Didattica  is a fantastic gift. Micro-sculpting with it, attaining a level of accuracy that would be phisically impossible with the naked eye or with a simple magnifyng glass, is a magical and thrilling work.

I'm sorry I can't take a photo of what I see when I look into the microscope... But seeing/not seeing is a fairies characteristic, isn't it? Like looking a flower you can feel  "other" although you can't see, so looking the micro-sculpture with the naked eye, you cane feel "other", although you can't see it. Feeling even if not seeing... Maybe is this the magic of life?

giovedì 6 marzo 2014

Magnolia in Bloom Fairies

OOAK Fairy on Magnolia Tree

In these days the Magnolia Tree in my garden is full of flowers, and if you pay attention you could see its Little Lairies among the branches...

Magnolia with Little fairy among the branches

They take care of blooming painting each single flower with the more tender pink tones, to welcome the Spring. 

Miniature Fairy by Celidonia on Magnolia Tree

They say to Bumbles and Bees to spread the news: fine weather is coming!

Fairy among the branches

Robin, Sparrows and and Ringoves knows, up in the Sky, and they'll soon build one's nest among the branches 

OOAK Fairy sculpted in Polymer Clay by Celidonia

Wild Mice knows, down in their nests among the roots, and they'll soon go out to play on the grass full of sun

Fairy on Magnolia Branch

In some weeks even Humans will know, and will leave cacke crumbs  for the ants, in the meadow, having their picnics! 

Fairy on Magnolia Branch

But the sweetest time is in this early blooming: so many silence to admire so many beauty.

Baby in a Flower

Now is the Time in which Fairies tenderly rock and lull the Babies who are slept in the Flowers, until their awakening, in the first day of Spring.

martedì 25 febbraio 2014

Hobby Show Spring Edition 2014

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday it will be the Spring Roman Edition of Hobby Show, the art and creativity fair. Celidonia comes back at the ADMI stand to teach at mini-workshops, together three wonderful Roman miniaturists: Mairitales, Le Miniature di Eurosia and Cristina Stacchini.
Here the miniature I'll teach, all inspired by Spring and Easter  :)

Peach Branch - Ramo di Pesco

Decorated Easter Egg - Uovo di Pasqua Decorato

Soaps and Perfumes in Pink - Saponi e Profumi in Rosa

Little Strawberry Basket - Piccolo Cestino di Fragole

Please, read the Admi presentation page, and the complete workshops' list, for all the info.
My Fairies and I hope to see you next February 28 and March 1-2 at Hobby Show Fair in Rome, to mini-celebrate together the Spring! :)

Miniaturitalia 2014

We got back home from Miniaturitalia a few weeks ago, but I get to write here just now.

Siamo tornati da Miniaturitalia da qualche settimana, ma riesco a dedicarle un post soltanto ora. 

Miniaturitalia 2014

This year it was the tenth edition of the fair, and I'm glad I can say of "I'm here in the first edition!" :)
Too much emotion and beauty to write... People from all the world that united from the same love of miniatures: the sweet Mika from far Japan, my friends Margaret and Robin from United States, the kind ladies from England that adopted my miniature mouse at Kensington some years ago... friends from Spain and from France, and the beautiful artworks by the talented ADMI miniaturist. It was so beautiful seeing them all together! A special thanks to Marina de La Casetta di Pampepato, Eurosia, Cinzia and to the tender Eleonora. And of course thanks to Miniaturitalia's Staff for making real a dream, every year.

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

Sprouting Walnut Elf

Spring is coming. We can't still see her, but seeds know and starts to sprout, hidden, secretely.

Walnut Elf by Celidonia

So this Little Walnut, and here is at last her green heart slowly showing to the world...

Sprouting Walnut Elf

Little Sprouting Walnut Elf is impatient to come out and to grow, to fly together the Swallows.

Walnut Elf

It's her desire that makes come up the little greens leaves, until to reach to Spring.