giovedì 6 marzo 2014

Magnolia in Bloom Fairies

OOAK Fairy on Magnolia Tree

In these days the Magnolia Tree in my garden is full of flowers, and if you pay attention you could see its Little Lairies among the branches...

Magnolia with Little fairy among the branches

They take care of blooming painting each single flower with the more tender pink tones, to welcome the Spring. 

Miniature Fairy by Celidonia on Magnolia Tree

They say to Bumbles and Bees to spread the news: fine weather is coming!

Fairy among the branches

Robin, Sparrows and and Ringoves knows, up in the Sky, and they'll soon build one's nest among the branches 

OOAK Fairy sculpted in Polymer Clay by Celidonia

Wild Mice knows, down in their nests among the roots, and they'll soon go out to play on the grass full of sun

Fairy on Magnolia Branch

In some weeks even Humans will know, and will leave cacke crumbs  for the ants, in the meadow, having their picnics! 

Fairy on Magnolia Branch

But the sweetest time is in this early blooming: so many silence to admire so many beauty.

Baby in a Flower

Now is the Time in which Fairies tenderly rock and lull the Babies who are slept in the Flowers, until their awakening, in the first day of Spring.