mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

A Fairy Sweet Pea

Walking in the Wood with a Little Fairy as a fellow-traveller, I was inspired so much by a little Wild Sweet Pea...

fairy and a sweet pea flower
 It was so lovely and delicate! I tried to put that Beauty in the sculpting, so a Sweet Pea Fairy Jewel was born...

sweet pea necklace
In the Language of Flowers, Sweet Pea means "Departure, I'm sorry I must leave"...

sweet pea
So I was sorry to leave that Enchanted Wood.

mercoledì 21 agosto 2013

An Enchanted Bramble

If you go in the Countryside to pick Blackberries, during the mid-August Holidays...

fairy near a black berries brumble I might meet a Fairy Brumble!

fairy near a black berry brumble
 And some little Fairy, made curious, might come down from the Bramble to say hallo...

fairy and black berries
And whispering the inspiration to create a Fairy Jewel, to celebrate the Summer...

Black Berry Necklace
 and honoring the shiny blue and red gems...

Black Berry Necklace

enchanted brumble
that Bramble gave with generosity!

martedì 6 agosto 2013

Ear of Wheat Necklace

ear of wheat necklace
A little Fairy Spike, to celebrate the Harvest Home!
ear of wheat necklace
And singing the Cerere's Song in the Wood stroked by the Wind.