lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

Bat Fairy - Halloween Video Tutorial

Fairy too dresses up for Halloween! This little one wanted a bat-dress. Would you help me to give life to many her little sisters? So all together will go door-to-door saying "Trick or Treat?" :)

Bat Fairy - Tutorial by Daniela Messina - Celidonia

Imovie tricks me, because in the final video is a ground noise that it isn't in the original project. But only for a few minutes, in the first part of the video. It was the second time. I'm sorry, but unfortunately this time  I can't making again the full project. I hope it will work well for the next!
To sculpt the Little Fairy, I used Fimo Professional art doll n. 435 - cameo. To sculpt the little dress, the hat and the bat-wings, I used Fimo Soft. But you can use each polymer clay brand. Which is your favourite?

You can see the video tutorial here or on my Celidonia Studio YouTube Channel. It is in HD, like my previous video tutorials, so you can see it full screen. If you like my video tutorials, please, support the channel subscribing, commenting, like and share. Thanks! :)

I'd like to see yours Bat-Fairies! If you publish them, please, write me the link here as a comment. Thanks! :)

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