venerdì 29 agosto 2014

How is a Fairy Born - Cap. 6

Here is the new and the last video for the birth of a baby fairy ooak in polymer clay. Now the little fairy is softly blushed with genesis artist colors and she has hair in viscose, eyelashes, tiny nails, wings in polymer clay and a little dress.

While I was put on the wings at my little newborn fairy, an old butterfly visited my wax plant. I read here that in the language of flowers, hoya (wax plant) means just "sculpture". For an old butterfly, there is a newborn fairy. Maybe butterfly become fairy, in a last metamorphosis. It is sweet to think. 

Fairy ooak and real butterfly

As always, you can see the video in a more high resolution on Celidonia's Channel on youtube or you can see it directly here in the blog :) 

ooak baby fairy by celiodonia

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