lunedì 3 novembre 2014

Fairy Leaf Jewel - Polymer Clay Video Tutorial

Fairy Leaf Jewel in Polymer Clay - Tutorial by Celidonia

A new video tutorial, how to sculpt a Fairy Leaf in polymer clay! It's a Plane Tree Leaf :)
Not all leaves are the same. Someone is so beautiful that receive a Fairy kiss. So, a magic fairy face is born on them. Would you sculpt it with me? :)

 As polymer clay, I used Fimo Soft Gold Metal n. 11 and Fimo Soft Black n. 9. But it's a personal choice, there aren't a clay better than other. Choose your favorite. I colored the leaf with mica powder, but eye shadows are ok too. I made three bakings, the first for the leaf, the second for the face and the last for the metal wire. You can see the video here or on Celidonia Studio YouTube Channel. I hope you'll enjoy! :)

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