lunedì 15 settembre 2014

Mouse Miniature OOAK - Pancakes Dance

Miniature Mouse Dancing on Pancakes sculpted from polymer clay

My last Mini-sculpture in 1/12 scale, I finally sculpted a new Little Mouse from polymer clay! ;) And... what happens when a cheerful mouse sights a plate of pancakes? He makes a the pancakes dance, of course! ;) 

I spent three days to sculpt and paint this work, because it needed many baking, the use of microscope and the loss of many diopter of my poor eyes!
I'm sorry that my digital camera doesn't took particulars very well... Do you see that he has maple syrup in his mouth? And the fingers in his hands and in his feet? I hope you can see, and I hope you'll dance cheerfully with him :)
You'll find the pancakes dance mouse in my etsy shop.

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