venerdì 11 luglio 2014

Traditional Clay vs Polymer Clay

sculpture in traditional clay and in polymer clay
Every material we can mould allows our imaginative figures to become a concrete reality. From sand to marble, going through, clay, polymer clay, papier-maché, until bread paste, every of them give us a possibility to share our interior world's inhabitants with others.

In the collage above, the figures on the right are in polymer clay, one right down, made in Cernit, is about twelve years ago and became Celidonia Fairy, for my first exposition a Canneto dull'Oglio Museum.  In the upper right corner, there is the most recent Maple Fairy, made in Prosculpt.
The two figures on the left are made in traditional clay and they are the work of my last year, in which I attended a school of sculpture to increase my knowledge in traditional clay modeling.
At the bottom is my first work, a study of female nude, above there is my last work, a portrait studio, in which maybe someone will recognize my mom.

Traditional clay and polymer clay are different like Sun and Moon. I wrote about their property and my experience with them in my Italian post. I'm sorry I'm not able to translate the full post in English. 

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