venerdì 27 giugno 2014

An Italian Blog and an English Blog for Celidonia

flag-bearer mice, miniature by Celidonia
From now on, Celidonia's blog has an English Twin, this blog!
I realized that two language together, alternate in the same post, confuse both reading and Google search. So the flag-bearer mice helped me to create:


the english version of the Celidonia's virtual studio. 
To read the Italian version, just click on the Mouse with Flag top right and him will lead you! :)

Italian posts will be longer again, like on Fairydoor (the first Celidonia's blog, for who remember or read it many years ago). Alas, the English version will remain short, I apologize in advance for it. I'm not able to write long periods in this language, and Google translator will be better than me. I hope that - in the images' universal language - my Mice, Rabbits and Fairies will be able to tell you what I'm not able to say in words. Would you come with us toward this new adventure? 

martedì 24 giugno 2014

Celidonia Fairy Interview

Celidonia Fairy Interview

It has been an honour to be interviewed by Movimento Psicoespressivo.
Movimento Psicoespressivo (in english Psychoexpressive Movement) is an association that covers psychology connected with actions, in a particular point of view connected with arts and individual creativity.
You can read my interview here (it is only in Italian, I'm sorry).

Have a Fairy Summer Solstice and a Magic St. John's Day! :)

martedì 3 giugno 2014

IF - Temptation

Illustration Friday week's topic is "Temptation". A Little Mouse of mine would be present with his personal point of view! 

It isn't a drawing, but a real photo of my ooak miniature sculpture. I just added the words that the Little Mouse told me.  And you, what is your point of view about Temptations? Are you agree with him? :)