lunedì 30 dicembre 2013


OOAK Miniature Rabbit by Celidonia

I wanted to sculpt an Angel, for Christimas, in the moment in which he alights on the Earth, touching lightly. Angels can have any appearence, and the nearest to my feeling has long hears and a star-cotton-tail.

Miniature Rabbit

But while I was sculpting, I realised that wings was redundant and I had to remove them. Maybe true Angels don't need wings, because the energy that enable them flying is the same that - as they went past - enable the seeds hidden in earth and people sprouting and blooming.
Feeling the touch of this energy is my good wish for the New Year.

domenica 22 dicembre 2013

Workshop Miniaturitalia - Waking Rose Fairy

This Little Fairy is just woken up! She opened only one eye, because the other is still dreaming...
Do you like to learn sculpting her? I'll teach it in my Workshop at Miniaturitalia , the Miniature and Dollhouse Show, next 7 February in Milan (Italy).

We'll study how to insert the opened eye, how sculpting the closed eye, the face, the arm and hand, petals and leaf.

I must admit, if I was a visitor, I would have a magic potion that multiplies twenty of me, to partecipate to all twenty workshops, because all they're wonderful!
I hope we'll see at the Show and you'll join us to give life to the little Waking Rose Fairy! :)