domenica 18 maggio 2014

Fairy Reorganization Time

I'm sorry for the silence of the last weeks, it was because of the our spring-cleaning. Fairies and me started to put in order the study and... we are still reorganization that! Fairies are tiny, and I really don't know how so little creatures can take up so much space. It's difficult to put everything in order, because my lab is very small too, but we don't despair... we have the Fairy Powder, after all! :) 

In the meanwhile, the new little Baby Fairy had not one but two Fairy Dresses, but she didn't like neither! I created for her a display, too, and she loves too much staying seated on it. I hope I'll post new photos soon, but honestly I don't know how long our spring cleaning will take. Would you help us? :)

4 commenti:

  1. Problemi con il cambio di stagione? ;)

    1. Hiri, ti sono fischiate le orecchie in questi giorni? :D

    2. Finché si tratta di abiti, sono a disposizione. ;)
      Quanto al materiale di lavoro... il cumulo di scartoffie e oggetti alla rinfusa sulla scrivania mi fa capire che, se le fate passassero da me, avrebbero parecchio da fare, poverine!

    3. Allora soffiamo un po' di Polvere di Fata fin lì! Ma non ti assicuriamo che metta in ordine! ;)