martedì 16 dicembre 2014

Birthday Fairy - Polymer Clay Tutorial (Part 1)

Here I am with a new video tutorial. When I started working on it, I was too much optimistic: I'd like to sculpt from polymer clay a Birthday Fairy, I thought, as the video upload was exaclty for my birthday day ^^

Birthday Fairy - Polymer Clay Tutorial by Celidonia
Hi! I'm a Birthday Fairy and I'm made from Polymer Clay, like my cupcake! Would you like celebrating together with me? :) 
But I got carriet away by the project, so it become very very long. Over 200 clips, two shoot days and other two days to editing the first part. It needed to be splitted in three parts, with weekly schedule. In this first we'll see the head sculpting. In the next we'll see how to sculpt the hands, the arms, the feet and the legs. In the third we'll see how to make the cupcake, the dress and the hair :)

Fairy head, arms and legs are sculpted from Super Sculpey Living Doll, in the light color. Eyes are made from Fimo and resin, but I don't explain the doll eyes making in this tutorial. I made myself eyes for my dolls, but they are available online in many dollmaking shop. There are many tutorials that explain how make them, too. Do you like to see a Celidonia Studio tutorial on the topic? Please, write me in the comments. If I have are requests, I'll put it in my tutorials list :)

Here it is the first part. You can see it here in the blog, or in my YouTube channel. Subscribe to don't lose the next! :)

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