lunedì 17 novembre 2014

Miniature Cat in 1/12 Scale - Polymer Clay Tutorial

In the Celidonia's World, Rabbits and Mice are a little bit worried, because in this video tutorial we'll create... a Cat! 
In 1/12 scale and sculpted from polymer clay, of course! :) 

Miniature Cat in 1/12 Scale from Polymer Clay - Tutorial by Celidonia

I hope you'll create a lot of little brothers of him, and I hope they'll purr on the couch of yours dollhouses or roomboxes... I'd like to see some photos! :) 

You can see the video tutorial here on the blog or on Celidonia Studio Channel on YouTube. If you have some questions or requests, just write me a comment. I'll be glad to answer you :) 

I'm already working at the next video tutorial and I'll share it between two weeks. Subscribe on the channel to be the first to see it! :) 

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