Art Dolls

A little gallery of my art dolls: fairies, elves, little babies. Fantasy, childohood and wild inspirational figures. They are all one of a kind (ooak) sculpted in polymer clay without the use of molds. They are in 1/12 scale or in a just little bigger scale.

Magnolia Fairy more photos

Sprouting Walnut Elf more photos

Don't Cry more photos

Welcome Autumn Fairy more photos and outdoor photos

Walnut Elf more photos

Walnut Elf - Original Work by Daniela Messina

Pink Fairy more photos

Red Berries from my Garden more photos

Snack for Two

Sweetheart Fairy

Narcissus Fairy

Save my Heart

Bat Fairy

The Last Berry

Autumn Fairy

It's March, Nearly Spring!

Snowflake on my Star

Valentine's Day, Different Point of View

Winter Fairy

Walnut Elf

Dewdrop Fairy

Baby Fairy Peonia


Baby Sarah

Wild Mouse Fairy

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