mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

A New Beginning

Sometimes Fairies disappear to appear again in an other place. Celidonia reappeared here - in a little space for little fairies - just in the day in wich the world's doors are open.

This post is dedicated to Emily. If you know Celidonia, surely you know Emily.  

 She was my muse, my friend, my teacher... The soul that inspired and made viable any my work.

She passed away the last October 4th - in the St. Francis Day - after a long illness. 
Emily was 12 years and 7 months old and she was an old, wise, great Rabbit.

But death is only a change of life. It's a new birth. Emily knew that and she taught it to her stupid, sad human... inspiring me again.

She chose a little walnut's heart to sprout again. 

To remember me that the heart of a human who knew a Rabbit is full forever. 

To  remember me that she has two little fairy wings... to fly everywere.

To tell me that everybody has fairy wings. But often don't see them.

They are the wings that let you to be over any distance. That bring you in the things' heart. That make you realize that Life is Forever. Like Love.