mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

Bat Sculptural Jewelry in Polymer Clay

After my Bat in 1/1 Scale with his Fairy Friend, is born a new little one, very, tiny: a sculptural jewel bat in 1/12 scale! :) 
It is sculpted from Fimo and it's coloured with Genesis burnt amber colour. He is a Totem-Bat, and he'll follow his human friend, flying up her shoulder and whispering in her ear magical words! 

It was hard to sculpt each little parts, and I'm sorry that they are not well visible in the photos. Miniature and black, together, are difficult to take! But I hope you can see some of them :) 
Halloween is almost here, so... the little Bat and me hurry to make preparations to give him welcome! 
See you soon! :) 

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