lunedì 7 aprile 2014

A New Little Baby Fairy

Do you remember the Little Fairy under the microscope of my last post? She's born! 

OOAK Baby Fairy sculpted in Polymer Clay

I used the microscope to insert eyelashes and to paint the micro-nails, it was a tough but wonderful work. The micro-movement of the hand, that you can't see with the naked eye, you can see under the microscope! So it needs the utmost concentration and a different spatial perception, I'll needs many time to learn well.

Miniature Baby Fairy by Celidonia

But, after all, a different Space and Time perception is just a Fairy Thing... don't you think? :)
Now I'm working at her little dress and at her display. What Magic Spell is she doing? I'll tell you in the next post!

giovedì 3 aprile 2014

Fairies Under the Microscope

Sometimes, paths taken in life unexpectedly joins, so in these days of Spring my old scientific study met my artistic study... putting Fairies under the microscope!  

This stereoscopic microscope of E.D. Elettronica Didattica  is a fantastic gift. Micro-sculpting with it, attaining a level of accuracy that would be phisically impossible with the naked eye or with a simple magnifyng glass, is a magical and thrilling work.

I'm sorry I can't take a photo of what I see when I look into the microscope... But seeing/not seeing is a fairies characteristic, isn't it? Like looking a flower you can feel  "other" although you can't see, so looking the micro-sculpture with the naked eye, you cane feel "other", although you can't see it. Feeling even if not seeing... Maybe is this the magic of life?