venerdì 27 giugno 2014

An Italian Blog and an English Blog for Celidonia

flag-bearer mice, miniature by Celidonia
From now on, Celidonia's blog has an English Twin, this blog!
I realized that two language together, alternate in the same post, confuse both reading and Google search. So the flag-bearer mice helped me to create:


the english version of the Celidonia's virtual studio. 
To read the Italian version, just click on the Mouse with Flag top right and him will lead you! :)

Italian posts will be longer again, like on Fairydoor (the first Celidonia's blog, for who remember or read it many years ago). Alas, the English version will remain short, I apologize in advance for it. I'm not able to write long periods in this language, and Google translator will be better than me. I hope that - in the images' universal language - my Mice, Rabbits and Fairies will be able to tell you what I'm not able to say in words. Would you come with us toward this new adventure? 

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