giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

Lifelike ooak Doll Eyes - Polymer Clay Tutorial

As I promised, here is the video tutorial to create lifelike eyes, for ooak doll, fairies and other figures. It was up on my YouTube last Monday, but I can update the blog only now. I'm very busy  sculpting miniatures for Miniaturitalia, the dollhouse and Miniature Fair in Milan, Italy.

I used the Millefiori cane method to create the iris eye. There are other methods too, you can also paint it (using Genesis color or acrylic color), but it is my best-loved method :) 
To create the crystalline lens I used Lisa Pavelka Magic-Glos. It needs UV Lamp, but there are other 3d resins that don't need it, if you do not have. Or you can use liquid polymer clay too :) 

So, here is the video tutorial and... I must go to finish to sculpt the last robin :)

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