venerdì 30 novembre 2012

A Fairy in Villa Ada

Last Sunday I went at Villa Ada, the second largest park of Rome. I love its secret and wild places! It's the park of my childhood... When I was a child I spent many days playing under her ancient pines.

villa ada

I was walking deep in my thought when I heard a little bell music and... a strange creature appeared out of thin air, just in front of me!

little bell fairy

"Stop here!" She said. She had a so ringing little voice! She told me she was a spokesfairy... from my Old Simple Fairy! 

daisy in the grass at villa ada

She told me that they are very angry, because I dont' sculpt them from years, and don't teach anymore to my students how to sculpt them, too! 

little bell fairy

I answered her that I'm a serious sculptor, now, that don't play anymore to sculpt the simple fairy. And I went on doing my walk...

villa ada

But she appeared again under a big mushroom, just in front of my feet, barring my way!

fairy under the mushroom

She told me: "Art needs playing! Playing is the seriuser thing... together with simplicityIt's for this reason that fairies and babies love so much plays and don't make life difficult for oneself!" She flyed near the spindle-tree. 

fairy among spindle tree

"Art exists to remember to grown-up humans that in their heart lives a fairy. Children alredy know..."
After she told that, the Simple Fairy disappeared with a little-bell music...

villa ada

The sun was shining and I heard again her ringing little voice... Then I understood. She was my fairy in the heart! I ask her: "Does not important perfection, intellect or realism in sculpture... but only what you feel, right?"

fairy near spindle tree

A blink among the spindle-tree and she was there again. "Yes. Play, don't make life difficult, live candidly... And you'll walking always on the fairy path." 

villa ada lake

"Wake up again the fairies that sleep in humans' hearts. Make me and my fairy sisters visible! Show to the people the path: teach again them how to create a simple fairy... like me!" 

The fairy followed me to my home, with a lovely little bell music.

little bell fairy

And you? What do you think? Are you agree with the Little Bell Fairy? 

6 commenti:

  1. sì cara Celidonia, anche io sono d'accordo con la fatina dei campanelli quando dice che la semplicità, il gioco, fanno parte dell'arte e del cuore puro..
    meglio una scultura semplice ma fatta col cuore che una scultura realistica ma arida di sentimenti o di anima

  2. Oddio!!!! tra un po' piango...!!!! Ti prego ascolta la fatina!!!!

  3. Grazie Mairi, Celestyal e Roberta... la Fatina sarà ascoltata! Giocando, naturalmente, con leggerezza! :)

  4. Appoggio in toto la Fatina dei campanelli.... È stupenda e,come sempre ti ho detto, le tue fatine risvegliano in me una tenerezza infinita.... Fanne ancora, e ancora.... Un abbraccio

    1. Grazie paola! È bello essere incoraggiati dalle tue parole... Un abbraccio a te! :)