giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

A Fairy Christmas Tree!

I love decorating the Christmas Tree! Its decorations represent my family's story. Some of them are very old, at the time I was just a little child.

fairy christmas tree

This morning I woke up early - I like beeing seat and seeing my Christmas Tree's story, among the lights - but I saw I'm not the only one...

fairy christmas tree

I surprised Little Bells Fairy there! She called her sisters... And the Pink Peony fairy was there, too! 

fairy christmas tree

Since many time she didn't go out from the glass ! 

fairy christmas tree

The Little Bells Fairies woke her up, to  play, sound and dance on the tree all the night. 

fairy christmas tree

They didn't realize it was already morning, so they looked at me in surprise... just like I looked them! We (humans and fairies) celebrate all together the Saint Lucy Day, the time in which the light is born again. Do you like paying on the tree whit us? 

2 commenti:

  1. Il tuo albero è magico con tutte quelle dolci fatine! Adoro il giorno di santa Lucia.... Di nuovo le giornate riprendono, anche se piano piano , a crescere ed io ne sono felice..... Mi sembra di vivere di più! Ciao cara, ancora un bacio e buona giornata.... Con tanta magia che sa di buono....

    1. Grazie Paola... Un bacio e tanta magia dell'Inverno a te, profumata di cannella e zenzero! :)