martedì 20 novembre 2012

Red Berries from my Garden

My little doll finally had a little dress and she ran outside playing with the Autumn wind! 

ooak art doll sculpted in polymer clay

In the garden the old wild rose bush is full of berries, red like her little shoes! 

art doll little girl with red berries

"Fairies certainly painted them, one by one!" Little girl think...

art doll

"I'd like to bring some of them in my house... " But she needs fairies permission first!

ooak art doll in 1/12 scale

Fairies like kind children with red shoes, so they gladly gave her the permission to take some berries. 

art doll girl with red berries

But, in return for it, fairies she'll have to take care of the little robin that live in wild rose bush, for all the Winter.

ooak art doll in 1/12 scale

Little girl answered "yes" and she's very happy!

ooak art doll in 1/12 scale

Little robin answered "tweeeeet" and he's very happy! 

ooak art doll in 1/12 scale

I'm happy too, because I start again feeding birds that came to visit my balcony in Rome - for the Winter - and a little robin alit on my windowsill yesterday! 

6 commenti:

  1. Bellissima, ora però devi fare anche il pettirosso ;)

  2. È un tesoro di bimba la tua piccolina! Bella e piena di poesia: direi perfetta! Un bacio

  3. E' la vera essenza dell'innocenza dei bambini...quel piedino un poco girato, le lentiggini..un bijou!!!!Ha ragione mairi..aspettiamo il pettirosso!!!complimenti, come sempre.

  4. Grazie Mairi, Paola e Ayabrea! Arriverà anche il pettirosso... è la sua stagione! ;)

  5. She is so sweet and has the cutes freckles! What a lovely little girl!