mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Mouse in a Candlestick

This Little Mouse is hidden in a Mairitales' Candlestick because there is a Cat around here.

Miniature Mouse on a Candlestick

He will come with me at Miniaturitalia, but he will remain hidden in his shelter, one never knows!

Miniature Mouse on a Candlestick

The beautiful candlestick was made by Mairitales. My Little Mice love it, insomuch as they become their couch from many years.

Miniature Mouse on a Candlestick

We was a little sad because it's a long time since she didn't make them, so what a beatiful surprise reading a post in her blog with a new elegant model, just in the night when this Little Mouse was Born!

2 commenti:

  1. Grazie! :D Le bugie sono tornate ma vedo che i tuoi topini nel frattempo sono cresciuti e sono diventati magnifici! Fate buon viaggio, buona Miniaturitalia ;)

    1. Grazie Mairi! Ma i Topini dicono che il prossimo anno devi tornare anche tu con noi! ;)