giovedì 28 novembre 2013

Fairies at Semenzaio di San Sisto

In a Sunday full of the last rays of the Autumn's Sun, some Fairies and me visited the Semenzaio di San Sisto, on the occasion of a mycological show.

Little Fairy with Leaf
There was enchanting mushrooms, in the wonderful Aranciera setting, and so beautiful plants in the Garden, but the youngest Fairy admired the red Titian painting of a Leaf, work of the Fairies that Fairies that live in that place.

Duck in a Pond at Semenzaio di San Sisto
On the square, not only Fairies lived there, Undines too must live there, because there was little ponds, where Mallards and Terrapins was playing...

Fairy among the grass
And while we was exploring the place, the eldest Fairy said that she saw one of them hidden among the feathers of a young Mallard.

Cat at Semenzaio di San Sisto
At the end of our tour, on the back way, a wonderful Black Cat said us goodbye, admiring with us the wonderful view, with the Pines in the background.
Rome is full of magic places... maybe is for this reason that Cats and Fairies love it. And I with them :)

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  1. Ogni volta che entro qui, mi sembra di entrare davvero in un bosco incantato. Bravissima! Sammy