giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

Hoppy Halloween, Hoppy Birthday!

Halloween Rabbit
Pumpkins kept the Summer's promise, growing large and orange. Leaves put on their most flaming evening dress, to dance with the Wind... and we too are in a holiday mood. Celidonia's Mice, Rabbits, Robins and Fairies, we all are getting ready to welcome the most Magic Night of the Year. Humans named it in many way, in the course of time and minds: Samain, Lemuria, Halloween, Vigilia di Ognissanti. But we unpretentious souls like only following the course of Nature and we won't lock it in a name. We only love celebrate it, beyond the Doors of Time and Space. And singing, in the Heart's Language, without words:
Goodbye Summer, thanks for yours presents gave to Autumn... We'll miss you!
Welcome Autumn, thanks for your sweet return... We missed you!
As soon as the darkness falls, we'll put a candle out of the window, to light the path, so no one will lose.
And to celebrate - in the No-Time Night - the first Birthday of this our new blog, too. Would you light it with us?

2 commenti:

  1. moooolto bello il coniglio con la zucchetta...davvero adorabile! ^-^

    1. Il Coniglietto ringrazia, Santina :)